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$5 D-Loop Replacement

$10 Peep Install

$20 Drop Away Rest Install

$20 Sight Install/1st,2nd,3rd Axis Alignment

$30 Cam Timing Correction

$75 String and Cable Replacement ** You provide Strings

(Includes Peep Install, Nock sets, D-Loop Replacement, Cam timing)

If you would like to order a set of strings through me, come on in and I will help you choose what strings may be best for you and then walk you through fully customizing them! From multiple string and serving colors to pin stripes and color speed nock wraps!

Matched Arrow Build (Prices vary)

(Tightest weight variances, cut to best possible straightness, and locate the high spine and Fletch accordingly to create the best groups possible)

$45 Basic Tune

I go through the bow and check nock height, center shot, tiller, and timing and make any corrections if needed. Inspect the limbs and strings as well as wax the string. Finished by checking the rest of any installed components on the bow.

$95 Super Tune

I start by completing a basic tune. From there I will paper tune your bow and provide adjustments if necessary. From there I will set your 2nd and 3rd axis adjustment on your sight if your sight is equipped.

 $150 The Works

Walk you through selecting your replacement strings from budget friendly quality strings to high end fully customizable strings. Once Selected, strings will be ordered and then installed and your bow set up and super tuned. * Strings sold separately